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Shapers Carbon Stealth QUAD-X Fin Set

Shapers Carbon Stealth QUAD-X Fin Set

Designed for fast, high performance surfing. Great in quick down the line waves and where extra drive, control and long arcs are desired. The thinner tip however allows quick release through off the top snaps. Ideal for a weight range 143-177 lbs.

Color: Blue Web Inlay (as pictured)

Comes in Futures & FCS Base.

Front Set:
* Base: 4.44” (112 mm)
* Depth: 4.44” (112 mm)
* Sweep: 35°
* Foil: I.F.T (Inner Foil Technology)

Rear Set:
* Base: 3.97” (101 mm)
* Depth: 3.97” (101 mm)
* Sweep: 29°
* Foil: 80/20

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