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Shapers STEALTH DVS Quad Set (non-keel)

Shapers STEALTH DVS Quad Set (non-keel)

Designed by the Master Water Craftsman Dick Van Straalen. The D.V.S Quad is ideal for Fish Quads or surfers desiring drive and direction (control) out of their boards. The D.V.S Quad is designed with a fuller base and tip, and an upright outline creating a powerful, fast and pivotal quad set-up. For MED-LARGE : 75 - 90kgs /165 - 200lbs surfer. Both Futures & FCS Base .

Front Set: * Base: 4.52” (114.8 mm) * Depth: 4.52” (114.8 mm) * Sweep: 31 Degrees * Foil: I.F.T (Inner Foil Technology) Rear Set: * Base: 3.81” (97 mm) * Depth: 3.89” (99 mm) * Sweep: 31 Degrees Click ADD TO CART to select base.


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